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Analysis: Who is David Miliband?

When asked which politician they would rather go on a date with, more British gay men picked David Miliband than anyone else. David Cameron came second.


    Comment: So much for Brown's holiday

    If Gordon Brown thought he was going to be able to relax on his holiday this year he has been sorely disabused of such a fanciful notion this morning.


    Analysis: Labour and the unions

    Labour's summit with its trade union backers was overshadowed by leadership speculation and accusations of a return to the 1970's, when strikes paralysed the country.


    Analysis: SNP victory

    Thurday night's vote signifies three things: The slow electoral death of the Labour party, the chasm dividing Scottish and English politics and the emergence of Scottish independence as a tangible possibility.


    Can rural England be saved?

    Rural England is being threatened by a brutal combination of high house prices and low wages.

  • Mr Davis took a big political gamble

    Interview: David Davis

    The polls are opening for David Davis' unique single issue by-election on civil liberties. But the man himself seems relaxed, confident - even happy. And then he says something unexpected.


    Analysis: Davis by-election

    By-election analyses are always about pinning down the variables: were people voting on national or local issues? How was the weather? Did the ruling party get its core vote out?


    PMQ analysis: Mr Brown's honesty

    David Cameron tiptoes around something very serious.


    The smoking ban one year on

    One year after the country took a dark turn into state control and an unpleasant, puerile attitude to other people's business. Or is it one year into a brave new world where the country became fitter, healthier and more civilised?

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