Queen's Speech 2008: Full list of bills


Below you will find a full list of bills in the 2008 Queen's Speech. Over the current Parliamentary session politics.co.uk will be tracking a number of these bills, providing news and reaction on their progress. For detailed information about individual bills, please click on the bill headings in blue.

Banking bill

Intended to shore up the banking system and get them lending to each other again.

Savings gateway accounts bill

Government backs up savings made by lower income families.

Welfare reform bill

Forcing those on unemployment benefit to search for employment, including single parents.

Education bill

Local authorities given more power on under-performing schools.

Crime and policing bill

New security measures for airports and powers for police to stop sex offenders travelling overseas.

Coroners and justice bill

Statement of rights for the bereaved and powers for private coroner's inquests in cases involving national security.

Equality bill

Wrapping up all the UK's equality legislation in one place.

Poverty bill

Enshrining government poverty commitments in law.

Health bill

Creation of NHS constitution

Immigration bill

Toughened up citizenship tests and - controversially - sections referring to ID cards.

Local democracy, economic development and construction bill

Councils given bigger role in local economic development.

Marine bill

Protects marine ecology and allows access to coastal paths.

Constitutional reform

MPs to vote on war and protests allowed around parliament; role of attorney general modernised.

Business rates supplements bill (not mentioned in Speech)

Allows upper-tier local authorities to impose business rate and keep the proceeds.


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