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Profile: Damian Green

Damian Green's rise in the Tory party has been marked by effective attacks on the Home Office and a series of tensions with other Tories.


    BCS MP website awards

    Last week saw the second set of MP's website awards given out at a special ceremony in parliament


    Pre-Budget 2008: As-It-Happened

    Darling stands up. The House is surprisingly noisy. He explains how odd and unusual the economic climate is. Thank you very much, Darling, we hadn't noticed.


    BNP list: State of play

    It's been nearly a week since a list of BNP members was published. surveys the wreckage.


    Pro-Europeans hit back

    Reports that the EU costs British taxpayers £106,117 a minute are put under the spotlight by pro-European groups.


    Feature: Heathrow expansion

    This week's debate on expanding Heathrow met with fierce resistance among MPs. But can the government build a new runway while still keeping to its environment agenda?


    PMQs As-It-Happened

    MPs have now filled up the chamber, and the prime minister is expected shortly.


    Party tax plans in full

    All three main parties now appear to be convinced of the need for tax cuts. Here's how they add up.


    Brown press conference As-It-Happened

    The press are gathered in the room for Gordon Brown's monthly press conference. Expect everything to centre around the question of tax cuts, which the PM has been hinted at like there's no tomorrow.


    Profile: The Labour candidate

    Party insiders were quietly ecstatic when they settled on their nominee for tonight's by-election.


    Profile: The SNP candidate

    The Scottish National party (SNP) hopes Peter Grant will be the man to continue his party's recent electoral successes at the Glenrothes by-election.

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