Archive of May 2007

Doing nothing is not an option

The secretary of state for transport Douglas Alexander explains where the government stands so far on road pricing, ahead of local government pilot schemes. With congestion set to increase by 25 per cent by 2015, he warns doing nothing is not an option.


    Government out of touch on road pricing scheme

    The shadow transport Chris Grayling argues the government is out of touch over the "pie in the sky" national road pricing scheme. He argues the 1.8 million people who signed an anti-road pricing petition were right to oppose an unrealistic scheme that should not be forced on local authorities.


    Ignoring road pricing debate is irresponsible

    The Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Alistair Carmichael calls on drivers to ignore the "myths" surrounding road pricing. The facts include rising congestion and a rising threat to the economy and environment and maintain the status quo is no longer feasible.


    Westminster must not impose road pricing on Wales

    Adam Price, Plaid Cymru parliamentary transport spokesperson, explains why Plaid support road pricing in principle, pointing to the success of congestion charging and small-scale road pricing schemes. But he questions whether a UK-wide scheme would meet Wales' unique transport needs.

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