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Democracy's rule changes will help the coalition parties come polling day in 2015

Boundary changes: View from the opposition

Being in opposition is always hard. When you're opposing a coalition hell-bent on securing partisan advantage from constitutional changes, it's even harder.

  • All change for Britain's redrawn electoral map

    Boundary changes: More chaos to come

    Warnings that the boundary changes chaos isn't just going to be a one-off have been around for a while. But they're increasing in intensity and frequency, as the latest one - from the University of Bristol's Ron Johnson - shows.

  • Boundary changes could have a worse impact than previously feared

    Boundary changes: Fracturing Britain's democracy

    Once you were a member of a community represented in parliament by an elected politician. Now it looks like you're nothing more than a number, to be shuffled around by civil servants at will.

  • Elected mayors being given 'no' votes in initial referenda results

    Time to play the elected mayor blame game

    Four referenda results in so far, and all four have voted 'no'. Calls for a post-mortem are already being made as the coalition confronts its elected mayor fiasco.

  • Lock 'em up! Or, alternatively, not

    How to punish Myler, Crone and Hinton?

    There's a lot of confusion over how the phone-hacking villains at News International can be punished. But it's really very simple: they must be humiliated in the Commons bear-pit.

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