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Mike Haines and Brendan Cox are among the founders of Survivors Against Terror

War on Terror: Brendan Cox speaks up for victims

Victims of terror should be heard, not used for political ends

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  • MRSA Action UK Victims and families pay tribute to those lost to MRSA and those who suffered at Mid Staffs

    The Charity MRSA Action UK will on the 13th June be holding their Annual Memorial Event at Westminster Abbey. Prayers will be led by the Reverend Canon White, and we will pay tribute to the many that have died from MRSA and other healthcare associated infections. We will receive a blessing granting rest to those who have died, and grace to those who live to campaign and work to raise awareness and help avoid further suffering from avoidable healthcare infections.

  • MRSA Action UK: Victims and families pay tribute to those lost to MRSA at Westminster Abbey

    The Charity MRSA Action UK will be holding a service to remember the many who have died from what are often avoidable healthcare associated infections. We know that great strides have been made in raising awareness and helping to bring in measures to reduce the numbers of people who contract infections whilst they are being treated in hospital, but we also know that there is a great deal more to do with antibiotic resistance remaining a problem that will continue to evolve. Our Charity has seen people of all ages succumb to infections and some have lost their lives, so this is our opportunity to honour their memory and let those that remain continue the campaign to keep infection prevention and control high on everyone’s agenda.

  • Unite ensures asbestos victims' claims honoured by Government

    Unite ensures asbestos victims' claims honoured by Government

  • Innovation to cut crime and protect victims

    Electronic Monitoring can be used to track and locate offenders, and is being trialled to tackle the most persistent offenders. Reducing crime, improving efficiency, protecting victims and assisting rehabilitation.

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