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"A bully, and a liar, and a fiend represents the will of the American people"

Trump is beyond politics - this is now a fight for human decency

It's OK to despair, but after we must pick up the pieces

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    A presidential distraction

    MPs have a healthy sense of their own importance in the general scheme of things and are often, as a result, uninterested by anything happening outside British politics. Barack Obama's inauguration proved an exception to the rule.

  • US Election 2008 special

    US Election 2008 special

    Welcome to's US election page. Here you'll find all the latest developments, news, features, comment, analysis and videos in the race on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • Hopes are high for a real change in US foreign policy under Obama

    America 'won't change' under Obama

    The likelihood for change in America has been downplayed by European minister Denis MacShane at a conference in Westminster today, in an effort to promote a stronger and more independent Europe.

  • British Obama 'closer than you think'

    British Obama 'closer than you think'

    The largest ever number of black and Asian MPs will be returned to parliament at the next election, new research indicates.

  • Obama claims victory

    Amnesty hand Obama list of demands

    Amnesty International are calling fvor an early meeting with president elect Barack Obama so convince him to end the US government's violation of human rights around the world.

  • Barack Obama is the next president of the United States

    'The new dawn of American leadership is at hand'

    Barack Obama has become the next president of the United States in a historic day in world politics, telling crowds: "The new dawn of American leadership is at hand".

  • Democrats to dominate the Senate

    Democrats tighten grip on Senate

    While the election of Barack Obama might dominate the headlines the Democratic party has also made significant gains in the US Senate taking five seats so far from the Republicans.

  • McCain concedes defeat

    McCain - I will support Obama

    Republican candidate John McCain conceded defeat less than 25 minutes after California and Virginia declared for Barack Obama.

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