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What's actually going on with the BBC and Brexit bias?

There is no plot inside the BBC to push for Brexit, but something just as pernicious is happening.

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  • BHA: Science and Pseudo Science

    What distinguishes real science from pseudo-science, flim-flam and bullshit? Is parapsychology a science? Is Young Earth Creationism science? Is pseudo-science on the rise in British schools? Join speakers Chris French, Andy Lewis, James Ladyman and Stephen Law for the answers.

  • Today's science, tomorrow's medicines

    Whether it’s a glance at your bathroom cabinet or a trip to the dentist, pharmacology is all around us! This animation from the British Pharmacological Society provides an introduction to the science of pharmacology and the charity's activities as a global community at the heart of pharmacology.

  • What is social science?

    The social sciences are all about understanding the way humans behave and interact with each other - helping to make our society a better place to live.

  • BHA: The Forgotten Legacy of Arabic Science

    The British Humanist Association is pleased to announce theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster Jim Al-Khalili as the 2013 Holyoake honorary lecturer, taking a look at the rich scientific heritage of Arabic science, focussing on the period when it was at the forefront of innovation and advance.

  • Tony Blair urges pupils to study science at school

    Science 'will change the world'

    Britain must become a more "scientifically literate society" if it is to remain competitive and tackle key challenges such as climate change, Tony Blair urged today.

  • Ian Taylor leads calls for new approach to encouraging innovation

    Tories urge innovation prizes to boost business

    The government should introduce 'innovation prizes' to persuade firms, scientists and organisations to come up with new technology, the Conservatives have urged.

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