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Catholic church set to lose its fight against gay discrimination laws

Catholics to lose gay adoption fight

There will be no exemption for Catholic adoption agencies from laws forcing them to allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt a child, the education secretary has said.

  • Alan Johnson scraps plans to force faith schools to admit non-faith pupils

    Faith school quota plans scrapped

    The government has abandoned its plans to force new faith schools to take a set number of non-faith pupils following lobbying by religious groups.

  • Trevor Phillips says race riots could return to Britain

    Veils debate could spark 'fire on streets'

    The recent debate over Muslim women wearing full-face veils could see a return of riots as seen in Barnsley and Oldham in 2001, Britain's race watchdog chief has said.

  • Communities minister Phil Woolas backs veil sacking

    Minister: School should sack veil teacher

    A Muslim classroom assistant suspended by a primary school for refusing to remove her veil should be sacked, a government minister has said.

  • Faith schools may have to take a percentage of their pupils from different religions

    Faith school allocations to be revised

    Faith schools in Britain will be required to reserve at least one quarter of their places to children not from the same religious background, according to a leaked government letter.

  • Ruth Kelly says Muslim groups must tackle extremism to get government funding

    Funding reserved for 'proactive' Muslim groups

    The allocation of government funding will "shift significantly" towards those Muslim groups that are proactively working to combat extremism, Ruth Kelly has announced.

  • Tony Blair says Jack Straw's comments on Muslim veil are sensible

    Blair backs Straw on veil

    Tony Blair has backed Jack Straw's comments about the Muslim veil, saying his concerns that it was harming community relations were "perfectly sensible".

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