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A new report claims prison is far better at preventing recidivism than community sentences.

Protecting the public? Community sentences 'don't work'

A new report on community sentencing indicates that the system is failing to protect the public and leads to high levels of re-offence.

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  • NUT: Support not punishment is the best way to tackle truancy

    The largest union for qualified teachers in Wales says it is not convinced that fining parents is the most effective way to tackle truancy. NUT Cymru, responding to the Welsh Government’s plan to fine parents £120 for their child’s absence from school, said that tackling truancy had to be a priority, but doing so involved making parents part of the solution, rather than alienating them from the process.

  • NASUWT: Hitting children with sticks does not improve their behaviour

    Commenting on the TES survey on school discipline, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said this:

  • PCS: Welfare plans punish the vulnerable for government's failure

    PCS: Welfare plans punish the vulnerable for government's failure

  • NUT: Cutting family budgets will not improve truancy

    Concerns have been raised that the Welsh Government’s plans to fine parents over their children’s truancy could lead to a breakdown of community–school relationships and create new and damaging problems for the most vulnerable families in Wales. NUT Cymru, the largest union for teachers in Wales, says that the decision to follow a Westminster Government approach will not tackle the core issues of absenteeism; more worryingly, in the long term it threatens to create a host of new problems in our communities.

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