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Robert Oxley is campaign manager for the TaxPayers' Alliance.

Comment: Taxpayer funding of political parties would damage our democracy

Taxpayers got a terrible deal from bailing out the banks and they would get another bad one for bailing out politicians.

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  • Tory and Labor parties face very different financial headaches

    Treasurer troubles dog main parties

    Embarrassing headlines appear to have prompted the resignation of the Conservative party's next treasurer, as Labour treasurer candidate John Prescott warns his party is "on the verge of bankruptcy".

  • BBC denies misbalanced reporting over Taliban 'retreat' jibe

    Politicians reassess party funding problem

    Jack Straw and Francis Maude are among the politicians appearing before a hearing on party political funding later.

  • The BNP failed to send in returns for its donations

    BNP to be fined for donations

    The British National party (BNP) will be issued with a fine for failing to issue a return to the Electoral Commission concerning its donations.

  • Susan Kramer is MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston

    Lib Dems forfeit donation

    Richmond MP Susan Kramer has been embarrassed after her local party were forced to return four donations made to the Liberal Democrats by her son.

  • Labour backbenchers want tax exiles barred from making political donations

    Audio: Martin Linton on party funding

    Martin Linton argues the case for lots of smaller donations for party funding - and how this can be encouraged.

  • Lords defeat govt over overseas donors

    Lords defeat govt over overseas donors

    Labour and Lib Dem peers have inflicted a blow against the government after they passed an amendment to the political parties and elections bill barring tax exiles from donating to political parties.

  • The FSA banned short-selling last week

    Union wants political probe over short-selling

    Donors to Britain's political parties should be scrutinised more closely, a union leader says, after a major Tory party donor was linked to short-selling shares in Bradford and Bingley (B&B).

  • Party spending plans condemned

    Party spending plans condemned

    Government plans to halt the 'arms race' in spending between the two main parties have been challenged by the Electoral Commission.

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