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"Parliament had to have the courts stand up for its right to even authorise the triggering of Article 50. Now that it has it, it does not seem ready to rock the boat."

Government easily defeats four Article 50 amendments

First night of amendments sees the Tory line hold firm, amid accusations of filibustering and cowardice

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  • Nelson Mandela dies

    The Political Week Online: A Week in December

    What a week. It started off with a young swimming star coming out, and ended up with an old civil rights icon reaching the end of his life. Somewhere in the middle, an editor was forced to defend his patriotism to a select committee. And the chancellor delivered his autumn statement.

  • Robert Rogers is the Commons' chief executive (but they've been calling the job 'clerk' for the last 650 years)

    Commons clerk breaks silence over abandoned reform

    The Commons' leading civil servant has sent a clear signal he backs abortive plans to give more power to backbench MPs, in an unusual break from his silence on the issue.

  • Nigel Evans' exit from the deputy Speaker job left MPs uncertain how to react

    Sketch: Downfall of a deputy

    The discomfort in the Commons chamber was palpable. MPs just didn't know how to respond to the dramatic, emotionally-laden resignation speech from deputy Speaker Nigel Evans.

  • How can you not trust me? Look at my eyebrows, man

    The Political Week Online: Back to school

    The post-summer political world resumes unchanged. Arguments kick off about Labour's relationship with trade unions. Iain Duncan Smith is accused of being crap. Tony Blair advocates war.

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