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Audio: Mike Gapes on BNP's Question Time appearance

Labour MP Mike Gapes accuses the BBC Trust of being pusillanimous over the BNP's Question Time appearance.

  • The character of V, from V for Vendetta, has been taken up by various protesters.

    'Guy Fawkes' marches to parliament

    A blogger is inviting members of the public to join him in the House of Commons dressed up as the main character from the film and graphic novel V for Vendetta.


    Cameron speech: What the papers said

    The Sun abandoned Labour the day after Gordon Brown's leader's speech at the Labour conference - did David Cameron fare any better? reviews what the papers have been saying.

  • Demos' director Richard Reeves

    Interview: Demos' balancing act

    All thinktanks have a tough balancing act to make between reacting to current events and achieving that longer view. Demos has its own answer to the problem.

  • Hunt: Don't stifle UK industry

    Tories reject file-sharing plans

    The Conservatives have come out against Peter Mandelson's plans to disconnect households found guilty of illegal file-sharing.

  • Billy Bragg and Dave Rowntree of Blur lead celebrations when the FAC was first established

    Interview: Jeremy Silver

    The battle against file-sharing rumbles on, but a coalition of musicians' groups has spoken out against record company tactics. Could we be seeing a new chapter in the story of music and the internet?

  • A still from the recent Frost/Nixon film

    Brown faces pressure for TV debates

    Both opposition leaders have now signed up to a TV debate ahead of the general election, leaving Gordon Brown deciding whether he will sign up.


    Feature: Fake websites and the new media

    A spoof website with the Baltimore mayor's angry riposte to shadow home secretary Chris Grayling saw several news sites run with the story. Web 2.0 is challenging journalists like never before.

  • Ben Kingsley in Moses: Tweetier-than-thou?

    Public choose MPs' ten commandments

    MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates are to be handed the ten political commandments, voted for by the Twittering public, which should govern their political lives in Westminster.

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