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Feature: Fake websites and the new media

A spoof website with the Baltimore mayor's angry riposte to shadow home secretary Chris Grayling saw several news sites run with the story. Web 2.0 is challenging journalists like never before.

  • Ben Kingsley in Moses: Tweetier-than-thou?

    Public choose MPs' ten commandments

    MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates are to be handed the ten political commandments, voted for by the Twittering public, which should govern their political lives in Westminster.

  • Peer-to-peer filesharing crackdown proposals announced

    Mandelson's filesharing Corfu link denied

    Peter Mandelson's recent dinner with Hollywood mogul David Geffen is unrelated to today's crackdown on internet piracy, the government has insisted.

  • The Thatcher government failed to notify the European Commission about the Video Recordings Act of 1984.

    Thatcher-era loophole in DVD ratings

    A 25-year-old legal blunder has opened the door for retailers to sell violent video games and 18-rated DVDs to under-age children without fear of prosecution.


    Feature: What does The Wire say about the Tories?

    Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling says the UK is turning into a scene from The Wire, but the similarities between Tory politics and the programme's message are not as simple as he thinks.

  • News of 'new cyber security chief' leaked

    Cyber security leaks "remarkable"

    Tories have called on ministers to make a public statement about online security threats after reports revealing government plans were published in several newspapers.

  • Digital Britain sets the battle lines

    BBC loses licence fee monopoly

    The BBC will lose its monopoly over the licence fee after 2013, the government has announced in a wide ranging review on media and telecommunications.

  • 200 mp3 files can be downloaded in five minutes

    Seven million use illegal downloads

    Seven million people use illegal files in the UK causing major losses to the economy, new research revealed today.

  • Tories are dominating the blogosphere, the report found

    Tories rule online

    The Conservatives are streaks ahead of other political parties in terms of their internet presence, a new report has found.

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