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On the level: Justin Welby gets it about right in his unusually frank Today programme interview

The Welby technique: Why the Archbishop's unorthodox interview approach trumps politicians' at every turn

When Welby went up against Humphrys this morning, he showed exactly why the Church made the right decision in backing him for the job.

  • Jane Fae: "The press, today, are playing a dangerous game: a very dangerous game indeed."

    Comment: How the press hounded Lucy Meadows

    Emails reveal the true extent to which Lucy Meadows was hounded by the press. Like the recovered addict, they are well-behaved only so long as the spotlight is on their behaviour.

  • Another thrilling Budget

    The Week in Review: Budget boredom and press regulation disaster

    After weeks of preparation this week's Budget looks like being a success - even if its contents are largely inconsequential. After a 2am deal, this week's press regulation deal looks like being a disaster - and really matters for the printed press, bloggers and, of course,

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