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Matt Ashton: 'The fact that the students did all make it in and out safely shouldn't mean that these questions should be ignored.'

Comment: We already knew North Korea is vile

The price of John Sweeney's investigative journalism in North Korea may, in the end, simply prove too high.

  • Jane Fae: "The press, today, are playing a dangerous game: a very dangerous game indeed."

    Comment: How the press hounded Lucy Meadows

    Emails reveal the true extent to which Lucy Meadows was hounded by the press. Like the recovered addict, they are well-behaved only so long as the spotlight is on their behaviour.

  • Another thrilling Budget

    The Week in Review: Budget boredom and press regulation disaster

    After weeks of preparation this week's Budget looks like being a success - even if its contents are largely inconsequential. After a 2am deal, this week's press regulation deal looks like being a disaster - and really matters for the printed press, bloggers and, of course,

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