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The London riots have led to proposed permanent changes to the criminal justice system

Justice denied: Youth riots change the face of UK courts

The aftermath of last summer's youth riots has led to a controversial Ministry of Justice (MoJ) demand for swifter justice across the UK.

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  • ESRC: Riots and rationality

    The rioting and looting in London and other cities has led to shocked reactions from residents and victims, while the Prime Minister has vowed to "restore order to Britain's streets".

  • RSPCA: Advice for pet owners during riots

    Advice for pet owners caught up in the riots in London and elsewhere.

  • NARPO: Reaction to Riots

    The National Association of Retired Police Officers offers our support to our serving colleagues during these difficult times. We know, as they do, the difficulties of dealing with rampant youths who are out of control on the streets of Britain. Holding the line against wanton criminality is what the police have been doing.

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