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Ed Miliband's party can unlock a lot of cash - if it has the courage to be bold

How Miliband can end the economic stalemate – and win in 2015

Labour might have found a way to wriggle out of the straitjacket of spending cuts

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  • Ed Miliband won't budge on union funding, despite the Falkirk case collapsing around him

    Miliband unmoving as union funding clash nears

    Ed Miliband will face down trade union bosses tomorrow in a speech set to be among the most challenging of his career, despite Unite being cleared of trying to fix the selection of Labour's next Falkirk MP.

  • How can you not trust me? Look at my eyebrows, man

    The Political Week Online: Back to school

    The post-summer political world resumes unchanged. Arguments kick off about Labour's relationship with trade unions. Iain Duncan Smith is accused of being crap. Tony Blair advocates war.

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