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A tweet like this really shouldn't have to cost a Labour frontbencher her job

Comment: Emily Thornberry resignation is another lobotomy for our political debate

Jumping on the most negative interpretation of every piece of politicians' communication will drive debate to the lowest common denominator

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  • Ed Miliband takes on the unions, one hand gesture at a time

    Ed Miliband's TUC speech in full

    Ed Miliband is delivering his speech to the TUC's conference in Bournemouth - at a critical time for the relationship between the Labour party and the unions. Here's the script in full.

  • Ed Miliband won't budge on union funding, despite the Falkirk case collapsing around him

    Miliband unmoving as union funding clash nears

    Ed Miliband will face down trade union bosses tomorrow in a speech set to be among the most challenging of his career, despite Unite being cleared of trying to fix the selection of Labour's next Falkirk MP.

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