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Which parties will be snooping over what you get up to online during the general election campaign?

Analysis: Political parties are desperate to find out what you get up to online

It places even more power in the hands of those with more resources: these techniques require big data and deep pockets.

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  • Jane Fae: As firearms, so the internet. Every barrier put in place has led, to date, to an equal and increasingly sophisticated workaround, leaving the public less – not more protected.

    Comment: Three bad ideas about sex and the internet

    Is David Cameron a complete fool – an ignoramus of the highest degree when it comes to online technology – or a master manipulator, using justifiable fear of child abuse to stir up some quite ridiculous notions around controlling the internet as a whole?

  • David Cameron says households will face an "unavoidable choice" on pornography

    David Cameron's porn speech in full

    Prime minister David Cameron has begun the summer recess with a speech outlining ways in which the government will clampdown on internet pornography. Here's the check-against-delivery version released by Downing Street in full:

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