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Ed Miliband today sought to tackle his image problem.

The Labour party should let Miliband be Miliband

The Labour leader's speech today revealed the real source of Ed Miliband's image problem.

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  • Ed Miliband's party is increasingly divided on Europe

    Miliband won't budge over EU referendum stance

    Ed Miliband is resisting calls from the Unite union to change his stance on Europe, insisting in a speech later he believes Britain's focus "must not be on drifting toward exit".

  • David Cameron puts in one of his strongest PMQs moments

    PMQs verdict: Cameron's masterpiece of mockery

    In one joke David Cameron managed to make Ed Miliband look geeky, isolated, dominated by the unions and Ed Balls, and above all "miserable". Whatever you think of the prime minister, this was political artistry at its finest.

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