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The bill is opposed by the vast majority of professional medical bodies

The access to medical treatments bill will put children at risk

All this bill will achieve is to give bad doctors a way to avoid being sued for negligence

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  • MRSA Action UK health warning on misleading headlines as Department of Health proclaim hospitals are MRSA-free

    Having seen and read the latest headline and Press Release from the Department of Health “MRSA in the NHS at a record low - 25 acute Trusts are MRSA-free for more than a year”, we believe that the headline is somewhat disingenuous in its announcement as it implies that the Trusts have been totally MRSA-free.

  • MRSA Action UK take part in developing the Department of Health's Patient-Led Inspections of the Hospital Environment

    The Government is committed to a more central role for patients and the Prime Minister has announced that a new system of Patient-Led Inspections will replace Patient Environment Action Teams from 2013. The results of the new inspections will be reported publicly to help drive up standards of care.

  • Health of the public in 2040

    The Academy of Medical Sciences’ latest report, ‘Improving the health of the public by 2040’, explores how the UK’s research environment needs to adapt to meet the complex health challenges we will face in the future.

  • BHA: Government publishes Framework for Sexual Health Improvement

    On Friday the Department of Health published its sexual health policy document, A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England. The document sets out the Government’s policies and ambitions around unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, sexual health services and abortion. It also sets out the situation with respect to sex and relationships education (SRE). The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed the report, but regrets that steps have not been taken to improve the quality of SRE.

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