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Gove is saying the right things for penal reformers - but can he survive a tabloid backlash?

Revolution at the MoJ: But how long until the tabloids take fright?

Them justice secretary is reversing many of the worst elements of Chris Grayling's reign - but powerful defenders of the status quo will come after him eventually

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  • Not so bad after all: The public grossly overestimates crime, benefits and teenage pregnancy

    Cheer up: It's better than you think

    The public are hugely prejudiced against good news and grossly overestimate the rate of crime, immigration and teenage pregnancy in Britain, major new research shows.

  • The Stuart Hall sentence raised eyebrows

    Labour demands harsher punishment for Stuart Hall

    Labour wrote to the attorney general today demanding a more severe punishment for former BBC presenter Stuart Hall, who was given a sentence of just 15 months despite being found guilty of sexually abusing 13 girls.

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