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MPs voted to block plans to help 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees in Europe

Alone, hungry & frightened: the truth about the child refugees Britain refuses to help

The government has turned its back on some of the most vulnerable children in Europe

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  • Just vote Conservative, whatever we've done

    PMQs verdict: Cameron just couldn't care less

    It was as if David Cameron was using an invisible blue rosette as his shield. No matter how grievous the problem he was confronted with, he deflected his answer and turned it into an appeal for a Tory vote.

  • Time for the Tory backbenchers to shut up, Soubry suggests

    Minister: Time to end Tory tw*ttery

    Public health minister Anna Soubry has called on disenchanted backbench colleagues to end the "tw*ttery" undermining David Cameron – before attacking the prime minister herself.

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