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Did Iraq end Britain's commitment to liberal interventionism?

Week in Review: As Iraq descends into chaos, Cameron points at fish

Of Cameron's many failures, his foreign policy may be the most acute

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  • Aww.

    The Political Week Online: From Cyrus to Syria

    From Miley Cyrus's bum cheeks to war in Syria; from David Cameron's parliamentary humiliation to Dan Hodges leaving the Labour party, the internet has been a hot mess of news, views, and utter nonsense.

  • A surgical look at the reasons behind the Syria intervention Commons defeat

    Syria intervention: Anatomy of a defeat

    David Cameron's personal authority took a huge blow last night - but the prime minister should only partly be blamed for the government's failure to win over the Commons.

  • They just couldn't believe what they were hearing

    Eyewitness: Shock in the Commons

    When Cameron returned from voting for his doomed motion on military action against Bashar al-Assad he was joking with Labour frontbenchers. It was the last time he would smile in the Commons chamber that evening.

  • The sun rises over parliament: The vote last night say the institution effectively veto a foreign policy decision by the prime minister

    Syria vote aftermath: As-it-happens

    Follow every development, as the coalition tries to pick up the pieces from a humiliating Commons defeat.

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