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The Week in Westminster

The Week in Westminster March 18th - 22nd 2013

The week in Westminster March 18th - 22nd 2013.

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  • DHT disappointed in 3 year rise in animal use by DSTL

    It is a sad fact that nearly 3.8 million animals, including cats and dogs, were used in medical research experiments last year alone. In spite of many alternatives that do not use animals being available, recent Home Office statistics show a shocking 2% increase in the last 12 months in the number of animals, many of them companion animals, used in scientific procedures. The use of domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish has risen by up to 26% in the last year alone. These numbers are the highest that have been recorded since the current monitoring and recording system was put into place in 1986.

  • CAFH: Leave fox hunting in the past where it belongs

    Conservative MPs must look to the future on Hunting with Dogs, and, in line with the majority opinion in the party and the general public, keep this illegal sport banned.

  • BHA: Religious selection in school admissions is unfair, unpopular, unnecessary and a global outlier

    Today sees the launch of the Fair Admissions Campaign in England and Wales. It aims to end the absurd situation whereby a child can be denied a place at their local state school because their family is of the wrong religion or of no religion. Read this comment from the British Humanist Association.

  • Bank of England analysis on the price of lending - CML comment

    Bank of England analysis on the price of lending - CML comment

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