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Skyscrapers in the City of London, which is fighting the moves to criminalise wrongdoing bankers

Cameron pledges criminal penalties for bankers

David Cameron appeared to back down in the face of calls for criminal penalties for bankers today, when he pledged to bring forward recommendations made by a parliamentary commission.

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  • The City of London faces intense hostility from the general public

    Podcast: Banker-bashing reloaded

    Following Barclays' £290 million fine for fiddling the interbank lending rate Libor the search for answers from Westminster has begun. But where will this end up? Will the inquiry into wrongdoing in the banking sector change anything?

  • Neither Miliband nor Cameron deviated from advancing their party's interests in this week's prime minister's questions

    PMQs sketch: Party interest wins out

    Ed Miliband accused David Cameron of acting in the party interest, not the national interest, in prime minister's questions this lunchtime. But both leaders were guilty of exactly that - and MPs couldn't care less.

  • City opposes Lib Dem-backed banking split plans

    Coalition clash looming over banking split

    A potential eight-year delay in plans to force banks to split their retail and investment arms could prompt a major split in the coalition.

  • Ed Miliband gives speech on 'responsibility'

    Miliband unites the scandals

    Ed Miliband tried to muster residual anger over MPs' expenses and the banking crash as he sought to accelerate the momentum of the phone-hacking scandal in a speech later.

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