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Whisky exports: Four times as much value as food

One more for the road: Whisky industry fears prospect of Scottish independence

Scotch whisky makes up a quarter of Britain's entire food and drink exports. But the industry is growing fearful about the prospect of an independent Scotland

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  • ESRC: Key lessons from history on alcohol taxes

    Steep rises in taxes on alcohol do not necessarily reduce consumption, according to research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) into the history of intoxicants in 16th and 17th century England.

  • Minimum pricing linked to 9% drop in crime

    New report shows impact of minimum alcohol prices in British Colombia, Canada.

  • NGOs resign from Health Forum

    NGOs resign from Health Forum as Commission ignores member state and European Parliament calls for Alcohol Strategy.

  • ESRC: A healthy teenager is a happy teenager

    Teenagers who turn their backs on a healthy lifestyle and turn to drink, cigarettes and junk food are significantly unhappier than their healthier peers. New research also shows that 12-13 is a catalyst age when young people turn away from the healthy habits of their younger years and start to get involved in risky behaviours.

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