Scotland Act

Status of the bill: Enacted

Main purpose of the bill:

"To amend the Scotland Act 1998 and make provision about the functions of the Scottish Ministers; and for connected purposes."

Main points of the bill

Implements changes to the devolution settlement for Scotland as recommended by the Calman Commission.

Enables the Scottish Parliament to legislate on taxation. Provides for the Scottish Parliament to set a rate of income tax for Scottish taxpayers and to legislate on devolved stamp duty land tax and landfill tax.

Gives borrowing powers to the Scottish Government. Provides for Scottish Ministers to run up to £2.7bn of outstanding debt, of which up to £500m of debt can be from current borrowing and £2.2bn of debt from capital borrowing.

Amends the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to give Scottish Ministers powers to issue addicts licences to doctors acting in Scotland.

Amends the Road Traffic Act 1998 to give Scottish Ministers powers to regulate in relation to drink-driving limits.

Amends the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to give Scottish Ministers powers to determine the Scottish national speed limit.

Transfers powers to Scottish Ministers relating to Scottish Parliament elections which are currently exercisable by the Secretary of State.

Renames the Scottish Executive as the Scottish Government.

Introduces a time limit for human rights actions to be brought against Scottish Ministers.

Requires a Minister of the Crown to obtain the agreement of the Scottish Ministers when appointing the BBC Trust member for Scotland.

Requires a Crown Estate Commissioner to be appointed as Scottish Commissioner and requires the Chancellor of the Exchequer to consult Scottish Ministers before recommending the appointment to Her Majesty.

Progress of the bill:

The Scotland Bill was included in the Queen's Speech on 25th May 2010.

First Reading: 30.11.10 Second Reading: 27.01.11 Committee Stage: 07.03.11 14.03.11 15.03.11 Report Stage: 21.06.11 Third Reading: 21.06.11

Lords:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         First Reading: 22.06.11 Second Reading: 06.09.11 Committee Stage: 26.01.12  02.02.12  28.02.12  15.03.12  21.03.12  Report Stage: 26.03.12  28.03.12  Third Reading: 24.04.12                  

Ping Pong: 26.04.12  Royal Assent: 01.05.12

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