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At a time of civilisational threat from extremists, the West finds itself besieged from within and without.

Too often our enemies and our opinion formers appear to agree that Western culture is an indefensible horror, that we are, in Susan Sontag's words, 'the cancer of human history'.

This is nonsense. The West is in fact a unique bastion of reasoned freedom. Britain in particular should be proud of the great role it has played in Western education, art and culture.

In June 2006, the New Culture Forum was formed as a response to this situation.

An association of people who work in the media and cultural arenas, the NCF is the first body of its kind to draw specifically on these areas.

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A view of the cultural scene from the perspective of the right has been somewhat lacking, but the New Culture Forum's task is to fill in the gap.

At times the political agenda underpinning the site seems a little unnecessary, but it's all part of an agenda sweeping beyond the arts.

What matters is quite how well-written these posts are - it's a serious site, for serious right-wing people.

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