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Linda has a background in teaching and youth work and is an active trade unionist, now working for the FSA on their Financial Capability Strategy.

She served as Lib Dem councillor until May and is currently sitting on federal policy and international relations committees.

A former PPC for Luton North and PEPC for Eastern Region, she is currently a trustee for the Elijah Trust, a charity working with the Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel.

She has a particular concern for the Bedouin in the Negev but is motivated by injustice of any kind.

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Linda Jack, the eminence grise of so many Lib Dem party conferences, is an excellent blogger.

Her posts benefit from being close to the action, but not too close; she lives and breathes politics and it shows.

Linda makes much of her Clegg backing - he reads her blog with "a mixture of interest and trepidation".

But she frequently swoons in admiration for her leader - definitely the funniest thing about this blog!

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