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  • State Opening of Parliament/The Queen's Speech

  • Speed Cameras

    "Speed cameras" is the common name given to safety cameras operated by local police forces as a means of enforcing speed limits on dangerous roads. Safety cameras are also used to enforce traffic signals, by photographing vehicles driving through red lights.

  • Specialist Schools

    Specialist Schools are state secondary schools that aim to be local centres of excellence in their chosen specialism, and which to that end, benefitted from public funding under the "Specialist Schools Programme" and from private sector sponsorship.

  • Smoking ban

    The smoking ban came into force in Scotland on March 26th 2006. In Wales, it was enforced from April 2nd. In Northern Ireland, the ban came into effect on April 30th. England followed suit on July 1st 2007, with the entire UK now officially smoke-free in public places.

  • Smoking

    In the UK, people commonly smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

  • Sexual health

    Sexual health refers to a raft of topics relating to gynaecology and urinary medicine (GUM), reproduction and family health and sex and relationship education.

  • Scottish Parliament - guide

    'There shall be a Scottish parliament' Scotland Act 1998, section 1(1)

  • Scottish Independence

    Scotland was an independent country until the 1707 Acts of Union, which united Scotland with England (and Wales) in the Kingdom of Great Britain.

  • School Testing Regime

    School pupils in the UK are subjected to extensive testing throughout their school careers under the terms of the National Curriculum.

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