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Paul Stott is an exhausted anarchist, having been involved in the UK anarchist movement since the early 1990s.

From 1997 to 2007 he was one of the editors of the Class War newspaper, and has published work in a whole host of publications including Freedom, Black Flag and perhaps most significantly Notes From the Borderland, a magazine of parapolitics.

He has recently begun a PhD, "From Black to Green?" comparing contemporary Islamist terrorism with historical anarchist terrorism - he spends most days reading books that are either about, or written by, men with big bushy beards.

He also intends to compare and contrast anarchist and Islamist critiques of the nation state, the extent to which anarchists and Islamists act prefiguratively and assess whether Islamist terrorism will collapse as spectacularly as anarchist violence did.

He does not, however, have much time for those pushing ideas of 'Religious Anarchisms' or odder still the idea that progressive revolutionary political ideals are compatible with Islamism.

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A fiery, but very tongue in cheek, socialist blog concentrating primarily on London.

There's something very attractive about the author's wry style, and his writing is pleasant to read.

The far-left nature of the posts will put some people off, but many of the stories of run-ins with National Front leaders, or the class consciousness of Beefeaters, make for excellent reading.

Unique, oddball, smart and funny. Vital for left-wingers and Londoners, a well spent quarter of an hour for everyone else.

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