Electoral Registration and Administration Bill

Status of the bill: In Progress

Main purpose of the bill: To make provision about the registration of electors and the administration and conduct of elections.

Main points of the bill:

Introduces a major change to the system of electoral registration – Individual Electoral Registration (IER) - requiring electors to register individually rather than by household. In doing so, an individual must provide information which would be used to verify their application.

IER would be a requirement for any new registrations and for anyone who wants to vote by post or proxy from 2014. After 1 December 2015 everyone on the electoral register would be registered under the new system.

Provides for the use of data matching to verify applications and to confirm existing entries in registers to help maintain completeness during the transition to IER.

Modernises the electoral registration system, making it easier for people to register to vote, for example by opening up the way for digital applications.

Progress of the bill:

The Electoral Registration and Administration Bill was announced in the Queen's Speech on 9th May 2012.


First Reading: 10.05.12 Second Reading: 23.05.12  Committee Stage: 18.06.12  25.06.12  27.06.12  Third Reading: 27.06.12


First Reading: 28.06.12  Second Reading:  24.07.12  Committee Stage: 29.10.12   14.01.13  Report Stage: 23.01.13  Third Reading: 23.01.13

Ping Pong: 29.01.13

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