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Dr Grumble - unsurprisingly not a really physician but a pseudonym for the mysterious author - is, according to his bio on NHS247: "A consultant working somewhere in the NHS. What he sees happening to the NHS worries him. It worries him a lot."

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Written by a doctor and dealing with health care and medical issues, Dr Grumble is a fascinating blog from a perspective most of us are not used to seeing.

The topics covered are solely medical, meaning it doesn't have the scope of some of the more general blogs.

But given that the author is writing about something they have at least some authority in, the content is superb and interesting to the less medically-inclined.

We liked the approachable style of writing and the simple and clean layout.

However, we thought it could benefit from more regular posts and there's not much in the way of interaction for readers. All in all, though, we found this blog very interesting.

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