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Caledonian Comment is not designed to take a left-wing or right-wing political stance.

As far as the author of this blog is concerned, all politicians are deserving of equal contempt.

Similarly, arrogant religious leaders and fundamentalists of all faiths and persuasions who base their operations on juvenile fantasy tales and then seek to control the planet by means, often violent, of imposing bigotry, poverty, ignorance and the brutal application of medieval intolerance and hatred deserve nothing but scorn.

And the barbaric practice of certain religions to brainwash their deluded followers to commit crimes against humanity is beneath contempt.

News, current affairs and other interesting items are featured, with their sources usually being news websites, primarily but by no means exclusively UK ones.

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Focusing on whatever takes the author's fancy, this excellent blog provides some acerbic comments on all manner of topics.

It's regularly updated with interesting posts, and the multiple photographs used in each post is very much welcome.

There's a number of opportunities for interaction from a range of different sources, all of which we enjoyed.

Overall this was a site we were very much a fan of.

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