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This site started on Friday May 2, the day after the London mayoral elections when it became clear that Ken Livingstone had lost the mayoralty to Boris Johnson.

It started as an act of frustration, at the loss to apparent personality politics, and the accusation that somehow young people are to blame.

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Whether talking about debendification, crime figures or the debacle with Sir Ian Blair, this holds accountable the people at the top and makes sure it's known that under no circumstances will they tolerate any tomfoolery.

This blog doesn't only talk the talk but also walks the walk. It puts real pressure on those accountable.

Boris Johnson has always been the kind of politician that tends to divide people along the love him/hate him line - not unlike his predecessor in that regard.

Given Boris Johnson's own blog is witty, engaging and entertaining its nice to see his nemesis is equally so - a fitting adversary nonetheless.

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