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The most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. Benjamin Disraeli
  • Huw Lewis

    A well written blog which is easy to read if not very inspiring to look at.

  • House of Dumb

    Dumbjon's "kill-them-all-let-god-sort-it-out" blog is a triumph of freedom of speech - if not of coherent and insightful political commentary.

  • Horgan

    A nicely written attack blog but without much thought given to design.

  • Honeyball Buzz

    One of our favourite MEPs' blogs, the excellent Mary Honeyball provides us with an informed, witty commentary on life in Labour.

  • Holyrood Chronicles

    An entertaining and well written blog, its main focuses are Scottish politics and the dispelling of statistical myths.

  • Hilary Burrage

    Ms Burrage's blog is a hotch-potch of different ideas with no real over-riding theme - you never know what the next topic will be.

  • Hfconwatch

    Hfconwatch is exactly what it says on the tin - a blog, dedicated attacks on the Conservative-run council of Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Heresy Corner

    This blog is well written, well researched and, occasionally, hilariously funny.

  • Helen Duffett

    A cheery little blog by a Redbridge Lib Dems campaigner.

  • Heather Wheeler MP

    Heather Wheeler certainly knows how to accentuate the positive.

  • Health Direct

    Not so much a blog as an aggregator for health-related articles on the web - but it's no worse for that

  • Head of Legal

    Having left the legal profession after a high profile career, it's interesting to hear Carl Gardner's opinions, legal and personal on some of the very topics he was legislating on.

  • Havering On

    Another blog which at first glance seems mostly designed to advertise the author's books but on closer inspection reveals other content worth reading.

  • Harry's Place

    Now in its 7th year, Harry's place is one of the better 'blog collectives'.

  • Harpymarx

    The tag for this blog is "personal is the political" and there's no doubt Louise Whittle takes an extremely personal approach.

  • Hack Cartoons Diary

    Enjoy a slice of Matt Buck's illustrative hilarity here.

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