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The most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. Benjamin Disraeli
  • A View From Rural Wales

    Glyn Davies is MP for Montgomeryshire - who is sometimes so candid in his blogs you wonder whether he belongs to this vicious, media-savvy age.

  • A Very Public Sociologist

    The posts are by no means short but they are filled with well researched information and give a deep insight into socialism.

  • A Very British Dude

    With humour in abundance this is a blog that will put a smile on your face, unless you are a communist or member of the BNP.

  • Austin Mitchell MP

    Outspoken to say the least this is the sort of MP blog that you've been waiting for, particularly if you're old Labour and furious with the party.

  • Association of Liberal Democrats

    Need to know what campaigns are going on, election results or job opportunities within the Lib Dems? Look no further.

  • Archbishop Cranmer

    Archbishop Cranmer is ranked the 22nd 'most influential political blog' and the 24th most 'influential blog' in the UK by Wikio.

  • Arbitrary Constant

    Seemingly left-leaning and libertarian in many of its views its difficult to describe a firm political affliliation for this blog.

  • Appalling Strangeness

    The Appalling Strangeness is an entertaining blog whether you agree with the author's politics or not - the blogger used to be a member of the Conservative party until David Cameron started saying the same sort of thing as Poly Toynbee apparently.

  • Antony Little: Little's Log

    Anthony Little is a Conservative local councillor and parliamentary party candidate for the Norwich South constituency.

  • Anthony McKeown

    This is a local councillor's blog and as such it's fine without being the most exciting thing we've ever seen.

  • Another Green World

    Given the description Derek himself gives of his blog we're not sure there's nuch we can add.

  • Anglo Saxon Chronicle

    Should do better. It's tone is suitably frivalous, given its approach to politics, but The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle still feels somewhat without purpose.

  • Anglo Noel Natter

    We're not able to tell which political party this blogger is affiliated to but Anglo Noel Natter's left wing credientials are fairly clearly on display.

  • Angels in Marble

    This is a regularly updated, opinionated and well written blog.

  • An Englishman's Castle

    From what we can gather from reading this blog An Englishman's Castle is a Conservative and libertarian blogger. It's a good read, well written and entertaining.

  • Andy Love MP

    As many people interested in political blogging will know, MPs that blog are almost as rare as hen's teeth.

  • Andy D'Agorne

    Not a brilliant looking blog nor updated very regularly (when we looked last it had just been updated after being left fallow for a month) but its nice to see a local councillor writing about issues in a local context.

  • Andrew Reeves' Running Blog

    This particular blog contains Andrew's musings on, well just about anything but there's just enough politics in it to keep us interested - just.

  • Andrew Nutt

    We know that many politically affiliated blogs like to chose colour schemes that are similar to the party they are affiliated to, but the use of green on this blog is a little off-putting.

  • Andrew Burns' Really Bad Blog

    Updated daily, this is a good local blog by a local councillor - recognised as such by becoming a finalist in the New Statesman's New Media Awards in 2007.

  • Andrew Allison - A Conservative View

    Andrew Allison is a Conservative blogger with a big C, a clear Thatcherite who believes the only way the Tories will win the next election will be by being radical.

  • Andreas' Blog

    The simple, basic design of this blog might put some off from examining its content.

  • Andrea Leadsom

    While we're not particularly fond of the design of the site - the colours are a little off-putting although we can't exactly decide why - this is a good, clear blog that is regularly updated especially when comapred to many parliamentary candidate blogs.

  • Anders Hanson

    This is generally another blog in the OK category.

  • Analysing British Politics

    A fairly basic blog with very little in the way of interactivity. This is an OK blog but fails to really excite or even raise the temperature of its reader.

  • Amused Cynicism

    This blog is quite clearly Libertarian in its views and it's difficult to suggest a political persuasion beyond that.

  • Ambush Predator

    This blog is an engaging read and unapologetic in the way in which it expresses its views.

  • Alfred the Ordinary

    Alfred the Ordinary's blog has a clean and clear design, a decent comment function allowing his readers to interact with him and is overall a good read.

  • Alex's archives

    In amidst the posts on the art of running lie a top-notch set of opinion pieces.

  • Alex Massie's Blog

    This interesting and entertaining blog from Scottish journalist Alex Massie covers mainly American topics and provides fascinating and sometimes amusing posts on issues from across the Atlantic.

  • Alasdair Ross

    Alasdair Ross explains the goings on in the world of an Ipswich councillor.

  • A Lanson Boy

    We were hugely impressed by Cllr Folkes' commitment to local politics.

  • Alan Collins - The Twydall Tory

    This is a well-presented, regularly updated blog. While it's not the most exciting read, the blog is well designed and it's clear Alan Collins has a lot of interest in politics, as well as designs on one-day becoming a Conservative politician himself maybe?

  • Alan Beddow

    If you've read the biography of this blogger then you've probably read all you need to.

  • A Janus Face

    A political blog that occasionally veers into greener pastures, this unfortunately loses points for the fact that it doesn't update often enough.

  • Advice from a fake consultant

    What problems does the new administration face from Egypt? Why is America in constant campaign mode? These questions are all answered by our fake consultant.

  • Adrian Sanders MP

    A blog from a Liberal Democrat MP, who tell us all about the thrills and spills from Westminster.

  • Adam Smith Institute Blog

    The Adam Smith Institute gives you all the information you need about the newest tax cuts, bailouts and economic policy.

  • Action 4 Equality Scotland

    Unsurprisingly, considering the background of the author, this blog focuses on unions and worker-related issues from a variety of sources.

  • A blog from the back room

    Hopi Sen writes a sparkling blog about the political issues of the day.

  • Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats

    As a rule, the contributors to this site tend to highlight what's been going on in the news at either a national or local level.

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