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Austin Mitchell has been the Labour MP for Grimsby since 1977. Austin started out on the right of the Labour party, but in recent years it has moved so far right behind him that he is now the extreme left.

Considered a dangerous revolutionary because of his belief in equality, public spending and state intervention in the economy and in markets and in full employment, which is basic to socialism.

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Outspoken to say the least, this is the sort of MP blog that you've been waiting for, particularly if you're old Labour and furious with the party.

Austin Mitchell is clearly completely unafraid of the whips in his own party and airs his views on whatever he likes in no uncertain terms.

While everyone seems to know about the occasionally outspoken Conservative MP or two, Austin Mitchell has apparently passed below the radar.

Why is slighly beyond us. Alright the blog isn't all that pretty and you may not agree with him but describing Lord Mandelson as Lord Malfoy - think about it for a second - is just gold to us.

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