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Archbishop Cranmer takes as his inspiration the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby: "It's interesting," he observes, "that nowadays politicians want to talk about moral issues, and bishops want to talk politics."

It is the fusion of the two in public life, and the necessity for a wider understanding of their complex symbiosis, which leads his grace to write on these very sensitive issues.

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Archbishop Cranmer is ranked the 22nd 'most influential political blog' and the 24th most 'influential blog' in the UK by Wikio.

We know this because he told us but he is known as one of the bigger blogs in the blogsphere, and is also one of those bloggers you either love or hate.

Iain Dale is clearly a fan as are the guys over at ConservativeHome. Guido Fawkes, on the other hand, describes His Grace as "boring and bigoted".

For us, if you can provoke views of any kind through your writing you must be doing something right whether we agree with your views or not.

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