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This blogger states he favours freedom over the ever-expanding and increasingly-misanthropic government. He is slowly learning that converting other people to this is an uphill struggle.

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The Appalling Strangeness is an entertaining blog whether you agree with the author's politics or not - the blogger used to be a member of the Conservative party until David Cameron started saying the same sort of thing as Poly Toynbee apparently.

There tends to be something of a ranting quality about this blog but we wouldn't necessarily call this a criticism, we're fans of the odd rant.

Design-wise it's simple but not unattracive while there's not a great deal of interactivity beyond the usual comment facility.

This blog is ranked 86th by Wikipedia - we know because we're told by the blogger - for political blogging, so there must be a few of you out there reading it as well.

Definitely worth checking in with every once in a while just for the fun of reading someone letting off some steam if nothing else.

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