Anthony McKeown


Anthony Mckeown is Labour councillor for the Gamesley ward on High Peak borough council.

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This is a local councillor's blog and as such it's fine without being the most exciting thing we've ever seen.

There's useful information on it if you live in the High Peak area but beyond that this isn't likely to be a blog that you would visit on a regular basis.

It's neither the ugliest nor the prettiest blog. Generally it fails to excite but at the same time any local councillor that is attempting to communicate, however infrequently - this blog is updated about once a week - is to be applauded.

There's also been some thought put into interactivity and there are a couple of interesting little widgets.

Overall it's OK but as we've said already, unless you're a local and want to know when the next council meeting is and what is going to be discussed, there's nothing else of interest here.

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