Andrea Leadsom


Andrea is the Conservative MP for the constituency of South Northamptonshire.

A mother of three children and married to Ben, Andrea has enjoyed a 20-year career in finance and is currently head of corporate governance for Invesco Perpetual in Henley.

Andrea was educated at Tonbridge Grammar School for girls, and at Warwick University where she read political science. Her interest in politics goes back to her early teens, where family dinners were often spent debating subjects like nuclear disarmament, the oil crisis, and the super tax on the self-employed./p>

Andrea's great passion is for giving children the best start in life. In her twenties, she and Ben were volunteers for Raleigh International, arranging 'adventure weekends' on a farm for children from disadvantaged inner city areas.

She now chairs a charity in Oxfordshire that is helping families who are struggling to cope with their new babies. She strongly believes that the life chances for a child are profoundly affected by their experience as babies during the first two years of life.

Andrea is a Conservative because she believes it is Conservative values that throughout history have led to the great 'leaps forward' for the people of Britain in making a better life for themselves and their communities.

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While we're not particularly fond of the design of the site - the colours are a little off-putting although we can't exactly decide why - this is a good, clear blog that is regularly updated especially when comapred to many PPC and MP blogs.

A blog that again fits into the 'could be better' category but is definitely worth an occasional read.

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