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Alan is currently youth co-ordinator for Twydall ward.

Alan Collins was born in Chatham in 1990 and has lived in Gillingham and Rainham all his life. Currently, he lives in Twydall and is a Law undergraduate at the University of Kent at Medway.

He is particularly interested in ensuring that young people have their say in the democratic process. He believes that the youth of today are the political leaders of tomorrow, and that, because decisions made now will affect their future lives, they must be consulted upon them.

In addition to his studies and campaigning, he runs a local-issue political weblog and the Gillingham and Rainham Conservative Association website.

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This is a well-presented, regularly updated blog.

While it's not the most exciting read, the blog is well designed and it's clear Alan Collins has a lot of interest in politics, as well as designs on one-day, maybe, becoming a Conservative politician himself.

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