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Mark Irvine is an independent consultant with a wide range of clients in the public, private and 'not for profit' sectors - both in the UK and Europe.

In a previous life, Mark spent 20 years as a senior trade union official - latterly as Unison's head of local government and chief negotiator in Scotland.

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Unsurprisingly, considering the background of the author, this blog focuses on unions and worker-related issues from a variety of sources.

This is a solid, informative blog that is easy to access and provides some interesting insight into the workings of the trade union movement.

While the colour scheme is a bit off-putting - the background is a sort of vomit green - the rest of the site looks good and there is plenty of raw information for readers to get their teeth into.

Those with a strong interest in workers' rights will enjoy this while the useful insights into union life in Scotland will certainly provide some interesting reading material for the rest.

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