The week in Westminster: December 5th - December 9th

The week in Westminster: December 5th - December 9th
The week in Westminster: December 5th - December 9th

The economy pervades this week's topics for debate in parliament.

Chancellor George Osborne will be in the Commons chamber on Tuesday for Treasury questions before a more general debate takes place later in the afternoon.

He'll then be facing a more forensic grilling from MPs on the Treasury select committee on Wednesday.

We can expect a lot of interest on Monday in a backbench debate on UK extradition arrangements - with the case of Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon in everyone's minds.

This week also sees some more odd subjects up for debate - including those pesky cyclists who use pavements rather than the road, who will be raised in the Lords on Thursday.



Questions - communities and local government
Backbench business - motion relating to ministerial statements, motion relating to UK extradition statements
Adjournment debate - Bonn conference and women in Afghanistan


Questions - Treasury
Ten minute rule motion - registration of commercial lobbying interests
Debate - the economy
Adjournment debate - disposal of short-life homes in Lambeth


Questions - international development
Motion - appointment of chairman of National Audit Office
Motion - membership of the Speaker's Committee on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
Motion - to approve a European document relating to European Sales Law
Adjournment debate - experimentation on animals


Questions - business, innovation and skills
Business statement - leader of the House
Opposition day debate from SNP/Plaid Cymru
Adjournment debate - extending use of low-dose Naltrexone



Questions - Nazi and Communist-stolen property in Poland, Palestinian statehood, HM Young Offender Institution Feltham, aerospace industry
Legislation - Remembrance Sunday (closure of shops) bill
Legislation - devolution (time) bill
Legislation - health and social care bill
Short debate - impact of digital technologies on the mind


Questions - phone-hacking, repatriation of powers from the EU, oral cancer detection
Legislation - protection of freedoms bill
Short debate - environmental and economic impact of feeding food waste to livestock


Questions - corporate governance, immigration, local authority cuts and the arts
Legislation - health and social care bill
Short debate - ensuring that the quality of teaching of school-age sport increases the levels of participation in sport in later life


Questions - child language difficulties, Kosovo and Serbia, cyclists on pavements
Debate - development and retention of manufacturing industry in the UK
Debate - support available for persons with neurological conditions
Short debate - securing the future of the Citizens Advice Bureau in the 'big society'


Debate - Christians in the Middle East



14:15 - Max Mosley, Steve Coogan, Zac Goldsmith and Hugh Grant, before joint committee on privacy and injunctions

16:30 - Prime minister's national security adviser Sir Peter Ricketts, before national security strategy joint committee


14:15 - chancellor George Osborne, before Treasury committee, on: autumn statement

14:30 - defence secretary Philip Hammond, before defence committee


10:00 - former parliamentarian Tony Benn, before political and constitutional reform committee, on: Mapping the path to codifying—or not codifying—the UK's constitution


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