Podcast: Britain's energy crossroads

Energy decision time - the sparks will fly over the next decade
Energy decision time - the sparks will fly over the next decade
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This special edition of the Politics.co.uk podcast is brought to you in association with Statoil.

It's decision time for Britain's energy debate. Not in the next week or so, or even the next few months. But in the next ten years or so, when our politicians will be making a series of crunch decisions that will determine the nature of the UK's energy mix for much of the next century.

The problem is politicians are, by nature, indecisive. They struggle to make the big calls which the energy sector, which operates on a much longer timescale, is desperate for. Investor certainty is weak at the moment - and whether on renewable energy, or oil and gas, or nuclear, there are many question-marks yet to be resolved.

Over the last few weeks we've been looking at these issues carefully and speaking to some of the key players across the energy sectors:

  • Michael Fallon, the Conservative energy minister at the Department for Energy and Climate Change
  • David Harrison, consultant at Ernst and Young and a veteran of the oil and gas sector
  • Adrian Bull of the National Nuclear Laboratory, with a career's experience of nuclear issues behind him
  • Nick Molho, head of energy policy at WWF-UK
  • David Green, the man behind the Isle of Wight's EcoIsland project

This podcast also features interviews with Dan Byles MP, the Conservative bachbench champion of shale gas, and Tim Yeo, the former chair of the Commons' energy and climate change committee.


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