Podcast: The English question

England: A new national anthem needed, for starters?
England: A new national anthem needed, for starters?
Alex Stevenson By

It is an issue which has laid dormant for centuries. But now, with attention on the Scottish independence referendum and Britain's future in the  European Union alike, there is a certain restfulness developing among the English. Could it be they want more political clout than they already have?

This week Ian Dunt interviews Chris Bunting, whose creation Englishman is an improbable new superhero about to take the world of comics by storm - in a very English way, of course.

We also speak to Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland about his call for a new national anthem for the English, as well as Glenn Gottfried of the Institute for Public Policy Research. He is set to publish research revealing quite how serious the English question is now becoming. The next few years are going to pose a tough test for all the mainstream political parties. If they don't respond to the growing demand for change from the English, the issue could help Ukip on their rise and rise.


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