Podcast: Laying Margaret Thatcher to rest

Margaret Thatcher's coffin lies in St Paul's Cathedral for her funeral service
Margaret Thatcher's coffin lies in St Paul's Cathedral for her funeral service

By Alex Stevenson  and Jo-Anna K. Burnett 

Politics.co.uk has been on the crowded streets of London this week, talking to those gathered to see off Britain's first female prime minister on the occasion of her funeral in St Paul's Cathedral. There were one or two protesters, but the overall mood was one of praise for the Iron Lady. Tony from Manchester, armed with a pillowcase scrawled with the words "MAGGIE TRUE BRIT", summed up the prevailing view: "There may have been winners and losers, but there was one big winner: Great Britain."

As well as the briefest and most futile of interviews with Scottish first minister Alex Salmond, this podcast also features an in-depth discussion with Emeritus Professor Eric Evans of the University of Lancaster, whose book Thatcher And Thatcherism argues her bold ideologically-driven government wasn't quite everything it's been cracked up to be.

Evans questions the size and scale of Thatcher's funeral, sums up the controversial conclusions of his book and links Thatcher's policies to the financial crisis of the 21st century. "I am blaming Thatcher for creating a situation in which the decision was made, either wittingly or semi wittingly, that financial services, particularly in London, were viewed as the way forward," he says.

There wasn't much blame on the streets of London, as Jo-Anna's video reveals.

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