Podcast: Lib Dems blinkered in Brighton

As chirpy as ever: the Lib Dems are a pretty resilient bunch
As chirpy as ever: the Lib Dems are a pretty resilient bunch
Alex Stevenson By

The Lib Dems, battered by Brighton's sea breeze and the even harsher buffets of British politics, are turning resilience into a fine art.

In the first of three conference-season podcasts, Alex Stevenson assesses the state of play in the Liberal Democrat party.

Pollster Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos Mori, notes that there has been very limited progress for Nick Clegg in the last 12 months; Mark Littlewood, director-general of the Institute for Economic Affairs, points to the party's remarkable resilience; and Mark Pack, co-editor of blog Lib Dem Voice, argues that the Lib Dems don't seem likely to get rid of Clegg before 2015.

This podcast also features interviews with a number of grassroots activists. Thanks to Howard Sykes of Oldham, Mary Fallon of Chippenham, Tony Little of Hillingdon, Rhodri Jamieson-Ball of Islington and Liz Leffman of Witney.

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