Podcast: The gay marriage debate

Coalition ministers want to legalise gay marriage
Coalition ministers want to legalise gay marriage
Alex Stevenson By

Will the coalition succeed in its bid to put same-sex marriage on the same legal footing as marriage between men and women?

Church-state relations are increasingly tense as ministers threaten to legalise same-sex marriage. The Church of England is deploying complex arguments to oppose the change - are they legitimate? Will government ministers have enough political strength to take on the religious groups who oppose gay marriage?

These are the questions we've been looking at in this week's podcast, which features interviews with Paul Bickley, director of political programmes at Theos; David Skelton, deputy director of Policy Exchange; and Tom Brake MP, the Liberal Democrat backbench spokesperson on home affairs.

Let us know what you think - but not on this page, please! We've set up a podcast forum on our Facebook page for you to air your views.

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