politics.co.uk podcast: On the road with Boris

Boris Johnson rustles up some student votes
Boris Johnson on the campaign trail

What did students at Croydon College make of Boris Johnson? What did Boris make of them?

politics.co.uk's Alex Stevenson caught up with the Conservatives' iconic candidate before accompanying him on a visit around Croydon College. Speaking to the man himself, as well as fellow Tory politicians and students, it soon becomes clear what is the real question for Boris: is his personality enough to overcome their reluctance to his policies?

WARNING: This podcast also features Boris Johnson cooking a crepe suzette, entering the lion's den of a hairdressing class and being accosted by an angry voter. Not for the faint-hearted...

Let us know what you think - but not on this page, please! We've set up a podcast forum on our Facebook page for you to air your views.

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